Kingdom of Bandonia

The Kingdom of Bandonia, is a micronation, geofictional kingdom on Micras
Its an old Kingdom, but a modern country
standing in the 21th century

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 Decree 15-001 Claim Micras

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Duke of Bandum

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PostSubject: Decree 15-001 Claim Micras   Sun Jan 25 2015, 12:30

His Royal Majesty, Bandius Postumus Bandonia IV, King of the united dukes of Bandonia, ruler of the empire, etc.. etc..

has today executed  a royal decreet of claiming ground on Micras.

With utmost respect and regards,

The Duke of Bandum
Paulus Bandarius  III

Humble servant to the king of Bandonia

Great Duke of Bandum
High Knight of the Honour Guard
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Decree 15-001 Claim Micras
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